About Us.

Corporate Profile:


CompuRoots is a well reputable IT services company that offers a wide range of IT support,maintenance and warranty services and hardware supplier which succeeded to achieve a good trademark in the market through providing the highest quality and the best price with best service after sale.


We our proud to gain the trust and to be the main provider for IT support and warranty services and vendor for governmental companies , multinational companies and banks .


We established a break through in the market by providing the highest quality of services to our clients , which works to create strong relationships with clients , meets their needs and maintain professionalism and excellency in all services that we offer.


Our Vision:


We seeks to be the leading services provider for IT and networking support services all over the middle east through working to achieve leadership in :

Market share (by volume and by value)
• Service coverage
• Service quality
• Contribution to innovation
• Customer satisfaction


Our Mission:


Our core purpose is to provide growth and fulfillment to our clients as well as to all humans in communities that we work within.