About Us

CompuRoots is one of Egypt’s leading technology & system integrator for more than 10 years.

Offering customized end-to-end, fully-fledged solutions to serve a variety of business needs across a variety of partners.

We have a clear mission – to make it simpler for our customers to buy and use IT that’s fit for their purpose. We don’t say that IT projects are ever easy – IT is hard to do well, the stakes are often high and technology is evolving rapidly. But there is much we can do to ease our customers’ experience and minimize time-to-value. We make the value of IT spend more quickly accessible to the customer. We work with proven capabilities we know will outperform the market and at lower cost.

We work only with partners whose products and approach align with the unique contexts and goals of our customers. We partner only with the sector’s best-of-breed vendors

We have dedicated professionals working with this list of Vendors to ensure that our engineers are experts in the products we sell. Compuroots enjoys a high customer retention rate, as well as an excellent employee retention rate.

Our expertise, combined with our demonstrated success in delivering integrated technology solutions, makes Compuroots a compelling choice for large and mid-size customers.