• As your business invests in new technology in order to become more connected with customers, prospects, employees and suppliers, it is important to view information security as a business issue, not just a technology issue.
  • Security threats and vulnerabilities challenge every organization today, making it a priority for companies to establish security architectures that are more dynamic, automated and services-oriented.
  • Compuroots works with first class security vendors such as Cisco, Palo Alto, Fortinet and Kaspersky….etc.

Cyber Security Challenges

  • Organizations face many challenges when approaching security, including:
  • No standardized security framework in place
  • Fog of more
  • Limited policies or procedures
  • Unmet compliance and audit requirements
  • Limited ability to manage incidents
  • Disparate technologies that lack integration
  • Out-of-date systems and software with unpatched vulnerabilities
  • Limited resources and inability to locate qualified personnel