Project Details:

Unlocking the power of collaboration

It is a global, science-led, patient-focused pharmaceutical company.

Our business relationship with AstraZenca extends more than 10++ years, where Compuroots delivered many strategic IT projects across AstraZenca history in Egypt. Our Solutions involved; IT Collaboration Solutions, Professional Services, Data & Cabling Infrastructure.

Collaboration solutions are critical to help their business to achieve their goals, with providing Cisco Unified Communications tools they need to collaborate effectively, regardless of their physical location or time zone.

We’re proud of partnering with AstraZenca in providing a simple, well-organized, and straightforward system that does away with a lot of the complexities that come with setting up network cabling infrastructure to connect multiple devices such as computers, routers, phones, and more depending on business needs, through out highly trained and experienced technical consultants and engineers provide a wide range of professional services that focus precisely on your organization’s IT needs.

Project Info:

  • IT Collaboration Solutions, Professional Services, Data & Cabling Infrastructure

At Compuroots, we understand that every client’s needs are unique, and it is our goal to deliver exceptional services that go above and beyond. Our focus on delivering fully-fledged solutions ensures that our clients receive end-to-end support that addresses every aspect of their needs.