CompuRoots is one of Egypt’s leading technology & system integrator for more than 10 years.

Offering customized end-to-end, fully-fledged solutions to serve a variety of business needs across a variety of partners.

We have a clear mission – to make it simpler for our customers to buy and use IT that’s fit for their purpose. We don’t say that IT projects are ever easy – IT is hard to do well, the stakes are often high and technology is evolving rapidly. But there is much we can do to ease our customers’ experience and minimize time-to-value. We make the value of IT spend more quickly accessible to the customer. We work with proven capabilities we know will outperform the market and at lower cost.



Here at CompuRoots, we are committed to ensuring the competence and consistent stability of our network integration services; correspondingly, all of our executed networking projects are carried out with a genuine robust performance. We specialize in designing, implementing and upgrading network infrastructures; all of which, are fully customizable based on our clients’ varying business & IT needs.

Our networking team is composed of a group of some of the most adequate certified network engineers & technicians in the country, with the capability of breaking down complex issues into seamless network solutions. Our networking operation revolves around understanding our clients’ business dynamic, identifying their networking needs, analyzing them and then managing their requirements accordingly. Our major objective is to boost our clients’ productivity, reduce their risk, and optimize their operational efficiency.

Our full range of network integration services offers passive and active network infrastructure services. Our network service operating procedure is as follows, “Business & industry awareness, state assessment, gap analysis, network solution design, hardware & software implementation, and monitoring.”



Networking security is a critical aspect for any organization, regardless of its size or field of work, as any organization’s network assets are commonly susceptible to hostile attacks and threats. Our team of experienced professionals are fully capable of protecting any organization’s critical infrastructure, at which their deep understanding of networking security allows them to provide our clients with optimized security solutions. More importantly, our security team is fully accredited.

Despite our quality of service, we are committed to providing our clients with the most competitive prices, as a result of our long-term partnerships with internationally recognized networking security vendors, such as Sophos, Cisco, Kasperskey, and FortiNet.

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