Metro Line

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Powering Cairo’s Metro: CompuRoots Revolutionizes Transportation Infrastructure

The Cairo Metro is the rapid transit system in Greater Cairo, the largest metropolitan area in Egypt.
This new project is a strategic pillar to continue the growth of the Cairo Metro system. It will significantly improve the density of people in one of the most congested city of Egypt.

CompuRoots provided a fully-fledged IT infrastructure solutions to revolutionize transportation in our city, which included installation and configuration of switches, sound system, access points, security cameras, NVR, access doors and fingerprint scanner, projectors, TVs, single-phase UPS, and implementation of cables, with applying tests in each step to guarantee the highest quality.

The expansion of the Cairo Metro system is a vital initiative aimed at alleviating congestion and enhancing transportation services in Greater Cairo, Egypt’s largest metropolitan area. CompuRoots, a leading IT System Integrator, has been instrumental in revolutionizing the metro system’s infrastructure to support its growth and efficiency.

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Additionally, CompuRoots meticulously implemented cabling infrastructure and conducted thorough testing at each stage to ensure the highest quality and reliability of the installed systems.