CompuRoots is one of Egypt’s leading Cisco technology & systems partner for more than 10 years.

Offering customized Cisco end-to-end, fully-fledged solutions to serve a variety of business needs across a variety of partners.

Compuroots is a leading technology solutions provider to business, Banking, government, education, Oil & Gas and healthcare organizations. We help our clients achieve their goals by delivering integrated solutions and services that maximize their technology investment

We have a clear mission – to make it simpler for our customers to buy and use IT that’s fit for their purpose. We don’t say that IT projects are ever easy – IT is hard to do well, the stakes are often high and technology is evolving rapidly. But there is much we can do to ease our customers’ experience and minimize time-to-value. We make the value of IT spend more quickly accessible to the customer. We work with proven capabilities we know will outperform the market and at lower cost.