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Why are data centers important to any business?

With the growing dependence on paperless operation and increasing demand for cloud services; data centers are coming to the forefront of IT investment for both enterprises and service providers. Data will be an important, or the most important, asset for many organizations in the near future. Investing in data is becoming a must and it is the data center that will allow the data to be securely, stored, accessed, and archived.

We are working with innovative solutions in this highly dynamic area and we work with our customers to guide them through the myriad options to data center operation to reach the solution that is best-fitting to their needs

“Since no two businesses are alike, meaning no two data centers tackled with the same solutions”
1. Data Center Computing and Storage Solutions:

Compuroots is recognized as a reliable supplier of computing and storage solutions for data centers. We make sure that our clients receive the most suitable and cutting-edge computing and storage solutions available on the market. Thanks to our collaborations with top vendors, proficiency in a variety of technologies, and commitment to creating unique solutions.

Realize high-performance computing, which processes data and applications quickly, reliably, and securely. Increase scalability so that compute and storage resources may be easily expanded and reconfigured to suit business needs.

2. Datacenter Software-Defined Networks:

SDN bring numerous benefits to your data center. From enhanced security and scalability to innovation and automation, these solutions empower your organization to optimize network operations, improve agility, and meet the evolving needs of your business.

3. Datacenter Switching Solutions:

DCS enables businesses to establish quick, dependable, and secure connections between servers, applications, and storage devices, enabling them to achieve remarkable network performance. By providing an organized and simplified network structure, it reduces the complexity, time and costs involved in network administration. Additionally, DCS improves scalability, enabling simple network extension and reconfiguration to meet changing business requirements. It also has functionality for access controls, network segmentation, and threat protection to strengthen defense against online dangers. In the end, DCS improves the availability and performance of applications.

4. Converged and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure:

While both converged and hype converged infrastructure offer simplified management, scalability, and efficiency, converged infrastructure is typically more suitable for organizations with specific infrastructure requirements and the need for vendor flexibility. On the other hand, hyperconverged infrastructure is well-suited for organizations seeking maximum simplicity, scalability, and cost-efficiency by consolidating all infrastructure components into a software-defined platform. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs and priorities of the organization.
Compuroots offers a range of solutions, including converged and hype converged infrastructure, tailored to meet the specific design and customer requirements. With a team of skilled architects, Compuroots can determine the most suitable solution based on the client’s needs and the environment they operate in.
5. Virtualization:

Compuroots excels in delivering a wide range of virtualization solutions, including server, network, application, and desktop virtualization. Compuroots team’s expertise and dedication ensure that our clients receive the full benefits of virtualization. We prioritize efficiency, scalability, security, and streamlined management to help organizations optimize their IT infrastructure, reduce costs, and drive business success.

6. Network & Application Performance Platform:

NAP empowers businesses to enhance the performance and availability of their applications. This is achieved by enabling real-time monitoring and optimization of both network and application performance. NAP also strengthens organizational agility and responsiveness by rapidly detecting and diagnosing issues, leading to prompt problem resolution and an improved user experience.

Furthermore, it contributes to cost reduction by automating diverse tasks related to managing networks and applications, thereby reducing the time and expenses associated with such management.

Compuroots is utilizing the capabilities of observability, so businesses can proactively supervise, analyze, and improve their networks and applications, ultimately resulting in an enhanced user experience and the seamless functioning of critical systems.

7. Datacenter Tailored Solutions:

DES encompass customized solutions designed to meet specific needs, often involving collaboration with one or more vendors to construct reference architectures. Compuroots specializes in designing and implementing datacenter engineered solutions. They collaborate with vendors and utilize their technologies to create customized solutions that meet the specific needs of organizations. By leveraging their expertise, organizations can achieve a robust, scalable, and reliable datacenter infrastructure that supports their operations and future growth.

Compuroots Provide virtualized and highly-scalable IT solutions that are automated, secure, and application relevant to advance the vision of our clients.
Compuroots team has in-depth and varied skills ready to utilize all resources using state-of-the-art technology to create a custom-tailored solution for every client need, timeframe, and budget.