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Keep Your Data Flowing

A computer network or data network is a telecommunications network, which allows computers nodes to exchange data.

In computer networks the connections between nodes are established using data links with cables or wireless media. The best-known computer network is the Internet. Computer Network includes all scales from home to enterprise networks, which may include small and medium to large networks.

Enterprise Networking Solutions

Compuroots provides a complete networking portfolio comprising all infrastructure aspects to build up LAN/MAN and WAN network topology.
  • Design and installation of LAN, WAN and Metropolitan data networks with Hierarchical or Ring Architecture.
  • Provision of Routing, Core, Distribution and Access layer Switching solutions with adequate protocols.
  • Comprehensive network management services covering nodes fault detection and asset management services.
  • Design and installation of enterprise Wi-Fi Systems.


Develop efficient and agile data center environments that support quicker adoption of technologies and enhance application availability, operational efficiency, and resiliency, while reducing data center costs and complexity.


  • Top-of-Rack Switching
  • End-of-Row Aggregation
  • Core Switching Platforms
  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN)


Compuroots provides a reliable, high speed and highly available solution with low latency to efficiently route data across WAN. We can design, engineer and deliver a stable and secure solution that enables all components of customer infrastructure to communicate with each other efficiently, quickly and securely.


  • Local Area Network Design
  • Wide Area Network Design


Compuroots  balances business needs & user demands by empowering its customer users with a unified access, while considering mobility, security and wireless flexibility. Our solutions allow convergence from wireless to wired networks while enforcing the necessary security policies to protect against unwanted threats.


  • Pre-planning site surveys to identify opportunities and potential bottlenecks.
  • Experienced wireless network design and implementation.
  • Efficient deployment of complex multi-vendor, multi-service solutions.
Cisco Software-Defined Access
Automate infrastructure based on one policy across the entire access network, as a single fabric.

Features and benefits

Cisco SD-Access provides zero-trust security in your workplace. It secures access—by all users, all devices, and from all locations—across your applications and network environment.

Identify and verify all endpoints icon
Identify and verify all endpoints

Includes users and IoT devices that connect to your network.

Establish policy and segmentation icon
Establish policy and segmentation

Help to ensure least-privilege access based on endpoint and user type.

Continually monitor endpoint behavior icon
Continually monitor endpoint behavior

Help ensure compliance, including encrypted traffic.

Stop threat migration icon
Stop threat migration

Quarantine endpoints that exhibit malicious or out-of-compliance behavior.

Cisco DNA Analytics and Assurance
Predict network performance by using machine learning to correlate user and application data with actionable insights.

Assurance provides a comprehensive solution to assure better and consistent service levels to meet growing business demands. It addresses not just the reactive network monitoring and troubleshooting, but also the proactive and predictive aspects of running a network and ensuring optimal client, application, and service performance.

Assurance provides the following benefits:
  • Provides actionable insights into network, client, and application related issues. These issues consist of basic and advanced correlation of multiple pieces of information, thus eliminating white noise and false positives.
  • Provides both system-guided as well as self-guided troubleshooting. For a large number of issues, Assurance provides a system-guided approach, where multiple Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are correlated, and the results from tests and sensors are used to determine the root cause of a problem, after which possible actions are provided to resolve the problem. The focus is on highlighting the issue rather than monitoring data. Quite frequently, Assurance performs the work of a Level 3 support engineer.
  • Provides in-depth health scores for a network and its devices, clients, applications, and services. Client experience is assured both for access (onboarding) and connectivity.
Assurance Architecture

Companies deal with an abundance of network data. Tackling the volume, variety, speed, and accuracy of network data is crucial for IT organizations. Assurance is designed to handle network data issues, if any.

Assurance is a multipurpose, real-time, network data collection and analytics engine that can significantly increase the business potential of network data.

Assurance simplifies and abstracts the collection and analysis layers and offers a rich set of APIs along with a web interface. By using a single set of network data, Assurance powers a broad set of use cases. These advantages streamline the operational and network management overhead of collecting and analyzing network data, thereby allowing companies to effectively focus on their business goals.

Given its flexible architecture, Assurance addresses many common use cases, including monitoring and troubleshooting, cost management, and policy discovery, while supporting the broader Cisco DNA strategy.

The following figure and the information that follows describes the Assurance architecture:

  • Data Collection and Ingestion: Assurance leverages streaming technologies to collect a variety of network telemetry and contextual data in real time.
  • Data Correlation and Analysis: As and when data is ingested, Assurance correlates and analyzes the data.
  • Data Visualization and Action: Data is stored in databases and exposed through APIs to Assurance as well as other applications, such as Capacity Planning. Assurance is an open system that provides the following:
  • Collector and analytics pipeline SDKs
  • Time-series analysis
  • Graph data models and restful APIs
  • System management portal
Cisco multigigabit switching technology
Get ready for Wi-Fi 6 and 802.11ac Wave 2 with more speed over installed Category 5e and 6 cables. Use it to support better user experiences.

Features and benefits

Today’s organizations depend on always-on connectivity, which is driving new wireless standards such as Wi-Fi 6E.


Support Wi-Fi 6/6E
Support Wi-Fi 6/6E

Create better user experiences with Wi-Fi 6/6E and enjoy up to a fivefold jump in wireless speeds, up to 6.8 Gbps. Cisco Multigigabit Technology delivers speeds beyond 1 Gbps on existing cabling, surpassing previously achievable speeds.

Get NBASE-T technology icon
Get NBASE-T technology

Use NBASE-T technology to support Wi-Fi 6 and 802.11ac Wave 2. By default, Category 5e cables inside buildings that connect switches to access points are limited to 1-Gigabit speeds. NBASE-T makes it possible to support up to 10 Gbps over those cables.

Power your solution icon
Power your solution

Cisco Multigigabit Technology supports PoE, PoE+, UPOE, and UPOE+, so you don’t need to install new electrical circuits to power access points. You get 90 watts of UPOE+ to power downstream devices, including lighting, IP phones, shades, IPTVs, surveillance cameras, and virtual desktop clients.

Audio Video Bridging
Improve quality of experience, helps scale applications, and lower total cost of ownership with simplified digitization of AV networks.

What you can do with AVB

Improve quality of experience
Improve quality of experience

Gain a connection that is low in both jitter and latency. With AVB, video images are crisper and the audio has less ambient noise. Users enjoy a higher quality experience.

Increase scale

Audio and visual technology improves every year. Your infrastructure must follow suit. With our highly scalable solution, you can introduce infrastructure improvements less often and at a lower cost.

Increase scale

Lower TCO
Lower TCO

Instead of one-to-one connections, AVB offers many-to-many connections. With one connection doing many jobs, you can save on infrastructure. Why? You’re not buying the same cables many times, and you don’t have to pay licensing fees.

Reduce cable complexity

You’ve seen the results of too much cable: it’s messy, disordered, and nearly impossible to trace to the source. With fewer cables, not only do you save money, but you remove wasted time and confusion. In this case, less is more. 

Reduce cable complexity

Meraki cloud-managed networking
Get highly secure, scalable performance and intuitive management with Meraki cloud-managed access and aggregation layer switches.
A cloud-first network changes everything.
Deliver dynamic, business-boosting experiences and move your organization forward faster.

Improve performance

A cloud platform is always on, always learning, and always ready for what’s next.

Gain efficiency

Experience data-defined automation, self-maintaining networks, and global reach.

Seamlessly connect

It’s easy to succeed with an API-driven platform and ecosystem of powerful apps.